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InSysBio to present at the ASCPT 2018 Annual Meeting


March 15, 2018

InSysBio today announced their participation at the ASCPT 2018 Annual Meeting, to be held in Orlando, FL, on March 21-24. Five InSysBio posters will be presented in two poster sessions.

Encore Poster Session (21 March, 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM):

  • “PBPK modeling for therapeutic nanoparticles loaded with drug: distribution and release”
    by Oleg Demin(poster number E-005)
  • “Translational QSP model of amyloid beta allows to predict both short and long term response of AD patients to different therapies”
    by Tatiana Karelina (poster number E-006)

Poster Session II (23 March, 7:00 AM – 8:30 AM):

  • “Multiple myeloma quantitative systems pharmacology model: development and usage for pomalidomide influence evaluation”
    by Svetlana Rubina (poster number PII-115)
  • “Quantitative Systems pharmacology model of bispecific antibodies and CAR-T in acute lymphoblastic leukemia”
    by Oleg Demin Jr (poster number PII-035)
  • “Different tau pathology variants can be described by unique QSP model structure for therapy outcome prediction”
    by Tatiana Karelina (poster number PII-065)