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InSysBio to welcome its new team member Dr. Neil Benson


June 17, 2020

InSysBio announces the appointment of Dr. Neil Benson as Principal Consultant in area of business development

(Edinburgh-Moscow-16.06.2020) InSysBio, one of the world’s pioneers of Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) modeling, is proud to announce its new team member Dr. Neil Benson! Dr. Benson has joined InSysBio as Principal Consultant in area of business development of both INSYSBIO LLC and INSYSBIO UK LIMITED. In his capacity as Principal Consultant to InSysBio, he will support further development of the outstanding IO and AD QSP offering of the company. Neil Benson hasgreat expertise in the drug development industry and will bring this and his experience to add to the company’s already extensive background in QSP. Neil has more than 25 years’ experience working both in and for pharmaceutical companies, including SmithKline Beecham (GSK) and Pfizer, where he held positions of senior enzymologist/pharmacologist, Translational PKPD lead and latterly Head of Systems Pharmacology. After leaving Pfizer, Neil worked in the CRO environment as CEO of PKPD/QSP services business Xenologiq Ltd, Head of QSP operations at Certara and is currently an independent consultant. Moreover, Dr. Benson has authored more than 40 papers and patents.

Dr Neil Benson highlights, “My passion is to work with companies involved in drug discovery, using my skills and experience to deliver medicines more rapidly to patients”. It is going to become a fruitful collaboration since it perfectly corresponds with InSysBio’s key value to assist pharmaceutical and biotech companies to optimise drug development. Due to InSysBio’s substantial expertise in the application of QSP modeling, drug development companies can benefit from a dramatic efficiency increase.

Oleg Demin, CEO of InSysBio, comments on the new appointment and the company’s perspective, “I am glad to work with Dr. Benson in such a fascinating and steadily growing area as the application of QSP modeling to foster drug development in immunology, oncology and neurosciences. We are going to strengthen the position of INSYSBIO in the US and European biosimulation market and expand our activities to China. The tremendous experience of Neil in both QSP modeling and entrepreneurship will help achieve the goals despite the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic”. Thus, InSysBio continues to buildsits scope of expertise, enabling the company to perform more QSP modeling projects and achieve a new level of pharmaceutical industry involvement.

About InSysBio

InSysBio is a Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) company located in Moscow, Russia (INSYSBIO LLC) and Edinburgh, UK (INSYSBIO UK LIMITED). InSysBio was founded in 2004 and has an extensive track record of helping pharmaceutical companies to make right decisions on the critical stages of drug research and development by application of QSP modeling. InSysBio’s innovative approach has already become a part of the drug development process implemented by our strategic partners: nowadays there are more than 100 completed projects in collaboration with leaders of pharmaceutical industry. The company has published multiple scientific studies in various therapeutic areas. InSysBio team is developing software and tools for QSP and continuously improves methods for biological modeling. For more information about InSysBio, its solutions and services, visit .