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InSysBio to present IRT Navigator 3


June 5, 2020

InSysBio presents IRT Navigator 3 which is an application software providing intuitive interface to work with the Immune Response Template Database in accordance with the user’s needs. It supplies the navigation within the schemes and components and efficient development of QSP models based on IRT Database. IRT team has significantly enhanced the interface taking into consideration the users’ experience of IRT application. The additional new panels are designed for more comfortable work with the database. A list of other improvements implemented:

  • A new exporting formats for generated models including Excel spreadsheets, SBML and DBSolveOptimum models;
  • Fully integration with Heta language modules based on XLSX, JSON and YAML formats;
  • Save/load current state of selected components is advanced.

Immune Response Template (IRT) is one of InSysBio projects developed for the storage of information on immune cells and their interaction. The main aim of the project is to simplify the search of the actual information on the detailed mechanisms of immune response and the development of dynamic QSP models. For instance, one of the latest InSysBio projects, the open source QSP model of COVID-19, is being created with the help of IRT Database. Thus, most of the cell lifecycles will be adopted from IRT.

About InSysBio

InSysBio is a Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) company located in Moscow, Russia (INSYSBIO LLC) and Edinburgh, UK (INSYSBIO UK LIMITED). InSysBio was founded in 2004 and has an extensive track record of helping pharmaceutical companies to make right decisions on the critical stages of drug research and development by application of QSP modeling. InSysBio’s innovative QSP approach has already become a part of the drug development process implemented by our strategic partners: there are more than 100 completed projects in collaboration with leaders of pharmaceutical industry. For more information about InSysBio, its solutions and services, visit